Caz Creations Collection


These beautiful prints are designed by an extremely talented artist named Carlie Edwards and is exclusive to Hoot Designz. We are so thrilled and honored to be able to produce this stunning design in our range of nursery and bedroom decor.  


About Caz Creations

"Caz Creations began as a labour of love and blossomed into something bigger after I started pursuing my vision to reawaken the sense of wonder, imagination and the inner child in all of us. I was lucky enough to grow up in a small Australian coastal town called Byron Bay; surrounded by rainbows, animals and carefree vibes! My collection of illustrations takes inspiration from my childhood and nature, featuring a whimsical, bohemian and intricate twist to each piece. When my work brings a smile to children and adults alike, I know I’ve achieved my dream!

With so much detail, there’s also an incredible amount of patience and love required! Many pieces in the collection take upwards of 25 hours to complete! Some pieces even have hidden intricacies for you to discover each time you look! Other pieces even glow in the dark! One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment when you explore the print collection! So go on – have fun – and you may find a piece or two that resonates with you!

~ Carlie"

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